Welcome to Saigo Monkeys. A 1212 collection of Monkeys on the Solana blockchain. Our biggest priority is to create a successful project that thrives in the solana ecosystem that consistently delivers high quality utilty discussed in our roadmap. We want our holders to be in the project for the long term, we will never promise something that we can not acheieve. We will constantly be evolving and trying to keep up with the current meta and continue to create our own innovative ideas.


Phase 1 - Establish DAO

The start of phase one begins with establishing the Saigo Monkey's DAO. The DAO will have a say in every aspect of our journey to create something amazing! The Saigo Monkey Team will be 100% transparent in every decision we make, every detail of where our mint funds, royalties, etc., are going will be shared with the community. The DAO will consist of Alpha chats, general chats, raid chats, etc. to keep our community growing. We will use Metahelix for verification.

Phase 2 - Launch Of $Saigo

2,121,212 total supply.
10 $Saigo Per day Per Saigo Monkey.

Stake a Saigo Banana along with your Monkeys for Staking Bonuses:
Tier 1 - 30% Boost
Tier 2 - 20% Boost
Tier 3 - 10% Boost

Phase 3 - Raffles

NFT and Whitelist auctions are being held now!
Each raffle ticket costs 10 $Saigo!
Find the link in

Phase 4 - Saigo Banana Airdrop - In progress

Saigo Bananas Futuristic Bananas to accompany your Monkeys!
There will be 3 different variations(Eg. T1, T2, T3) of the Saigo Bananas, all will have their own advantages.
Utility for these tie into Staking bonuses as seen in Phase 2 and top-secret Phase 5.

Phase 5 - Top Secret - In progress

Top secret utility in the works! Holding a Saigo Monkey and a Saigo Banana will be required.

Roadmap Part 2

Coming soon👀



What was our mint price?

0.1 SOL



How can I buy a Saigo Monkey?

Magic Eden